General Conditions of promotions

The AAC can organise promotions (for example: special offers, giveaways, prize draws, competitions, contests and other forms of promotion, or a combination of the various forms). Users will be informed about the various forms of promotion (description of the promotion and illustration of all pertinent details) through the web pages where the AAC is present (for example: the site, social network pages etc.).
The organiser of the Promotion is always the AAC.
Participation in the Promotion is subject to the rules contained in the General Conditions of Sale, which the user may inspect on the website and make copies thereof.


The span of time over which each promotion is held (duration of the promotion) will be specified on the website and on the web pages where the AAC is present. Each promotion will end automatically at the end of its specified period, beyond which point no further participation in the promotion will be possible.


Unless otherwise specified in the release on the promotion, the latter is intended exclusively for the addressee or category of addressees to whom it is sent and is non-transferrable. If the user is not the addressee or is not in the category of addressees to whom the release is directed the offer is void.
Participation in promotions is optional. The user has the option to decline participation in the promotion simply by ignoring or not accepting (where possible) the release on the promotion.
In order to participate in a promotion the user must follow the instructions set forth in the relevant release, on the single landing page devoted to the promotion and, where appropriate, the specific conditions applicable to participation in promotions.
Unless otherwise stated only one access to a promotion per person is permitted.


The items concerned by the Promotion are subject to the provisions of art. 10 of the General Conditions of Sale.
Article 9 of the General Conditions of Sale is not applicable to items concerned by the Promotions and offered as gifts.